eunice nakamura

Assistant professor in anthropology and sociology

São Paulo Federal University / LICHSS


I have a degree in social sciences, with a master’s and doctorate in social anthropology at São Paulo University. Since 2008, I have been an assistant professor at the São Paulo Federal University – Campus Baixada Santista, with teaching activities in the diploma programme and the interdisciplinary higher education programme in health sciences (master’s and doctorate). In 2013, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Cermes3 (in the mental health and social sciences team) as a fellow of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq – Brazil). My post-doctoral research, “Social and cultural significances of childhood mental health problems in Santos (Brazil) and Paris (France): child contemporary representations”, was supervised by Alain Ehrenberg. Beyond my teaching activities, I am also involved in a research between anthropology and health, related to the subjects of mental health and childhood, agitation and non-compliance related to children’s behaviours. I am the scientific editor of the journal Santé et Société.