SAGE – The meanings of agitation in children. Personal trajectories, family dynamics, professional practices

Between 2013 and 2018, the SAGE team has involved researchers from CERMES 3 (Université Paris Descartes, INSERM, CNRS, EHESS), CeRIES (Université Lille 3) and CERLIS (Université Paris Descartes, CNRS). With several fundings (Pfizer 2014, Foundation, MSH Paris Nord 2015, IReSP 2016), we compared the trajectories of “agitated” children between Paris, Le Mans and Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing, in association with teams working in Brazil and Chile.

The SAGE team studied the experiences of children identified as agitated (by relatives and/or professionals) in various settings: the school, the medical setting and the family. We focused on three scientific and empirical tasks : 1) analysing the diversity of professional practices and care services in a specific area ; 2) trying to understand how families orient themselves or are oriented by professionals or other actors ; and 3) analysing comparatively social, medico-social and school policies. In this process, we wanted to understand how family members and professionals build and confront different interpretations of the agitation of children.

The SAGE members are:

Aude Béliard

Tatiana Barbarini

Céline Borelle

Vincent Caradec

Pierre-Henri Castel

Michel Castra

Caroline de Jean de la Bâtie

Alain Ehrenberg

Jean-Sébastien Eideliman

Maïa Fansten

Nadia Garnoussi

Alvaro Jimenez

Sarra Mougel

Eunice Nakamura

Ségolène Petite

Maelle Planche

Esteban Radiszcz

Clément Rivière

Jacques Rodriguez

Julia Schmidt

Vanessa Stettinger

Yaël Tibi-Lévy

Amélie Turlais

Sébastien Vaumoron